WordPress Development

WordPress Development Services

Denova Glosoft is a WordPress Design and Development company India. We ensure end to end delivery any WordPress Projects from domain booking, WordPress hosting, design, theme customizations, plug-in installations, security protections. Our WordPress Developers are capable of creating picture perfect website with highest loading speed with no errors, SEO proved and mobile friendly. More than 10000 hours of experience in WordPress website development in all business verticals.

WordPress Design & Development Services

  • WordPress website development
  • WordPress website upgrade & redesign
  • WordPress Theme Development
  • Wordpress Plug-in development
  • Wordpress API and Integrations
  • Wordpress website Optimization and security

Business Industries Benefits WordPress Migrations

You may be either of the following and need a wordpress developer. You can get benefitted by our professional wordpress developers.

  • Blogger
  • SMB Business
  • Content Management System (CMS) Company
  • Artist/Painter
  • Plumber
  • Restaurant Owners
  • Education Institute
  • Financial Consultant
  • Health Consultant
  • Shopping Store

WordPress Features

Open sources: This is editable from any one from WordPress community. WordPress has a very strong and active development community.

Easy Administrations : Manage every aspect of your website in the admin dashboard.
User accounts and roles : Customize role capabilities and permissions for granular user control.
Control Your Content : Manage your website content with no HTML experience.
Customizable Menus : Create dynamic drop-down menus with hierarchy support.
Flexible : Thousands of free plug-in and themes available for use on your website.
Search Engine Optimized : Optimal configuration for maximum search engine exposure.Wordpress & Statistics

WordPress Powers a Fifth of the Internet. 1 in every 5 websites on internet today is running WordPress. (Download counter — https://wordpress.org/download/counter/).

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) is now powering over 17% of the Web. Creating new site or migrate a website with new design in WordPress is now matter of time. WordPress themes are customizable and core code of WordPress written in PHP. So in “Developers” word this is most consistent programming language to edit and work with. This WP CMS are open source, easy administrations, creating new pages without designer and developer, customizable menus and most importantly SEO optimized.

Download WordPress to Do Lists

  • Posts vs. pages
  • Editor
  • Creating new posts
  • Post formats
  • Edit existing page
  • Categories & tags
  • Creating and editing pages
  • Add photo & images
  • Embedded video
  • Using media library
  • Managing comments
  • Creating links
  • Changing themes
  • Adding widget
  • Custom menus
  • Installing plug-in
  • Adding new users
  • Useful tools
  • Settings & configurations
  • Page analysis tab
  • Advanced tab
  • General settings
  • Title & Metas
  • Social settings
  • XML sitemap
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Permalink settings
  • RSS settings
  • Tools
  • Redirect manager
  • Google webmasters & analytics
  • Integrating yoastseo tools