MySQL Development

MySQL Development Services

Mysql comes under Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) and an open source community of development atmosphere. Booming of data driven websites like e-commerce store, Local Search Engine or any business listing sites are based on database to present results to user. May be there are use of other database driven languages but Mysql is native one for any database programmer.

There are enormous business depends on Mysql database to serve their clients.

At DGL, we do the programming in Php and connect that to Mysql database for any type of data storage. We create and manage MySQL databases for desktop software and web applications. We build database structures, back up data, inspect status by Mysql and we also work with data records. We offer MySQL front-end tools, MySQL Workbench which is freely available for use.

  • Dynamic Website Development
  • Windows Applications
  • Social Networking
  • Games Development
  • Cloud Product Development
  • Telecom
  • Marketing Software
  • Advertisement Network
  • Open Source Development

Business Industry We Serve

Airline, Banking, Chemistry & Pharmacy, Consumer Good, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telecom, Tourism, Transport, Real Estate, Educations, IT – Tech, Banking, Film & Entertainment, Online Gaming, Textile

Benefits of MySql Development

  • Easy to use, less expensive, and secure database
  • Fast and supports many clusters
  • Runs on many operating system
  • Integrated Search, Advertisement and Banner Management
  • Interactive Content – Forums, Chats, Polls, Surveys, Ratings
  • Back-end Administration Panels